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Interventions so far:

Digital Classrooms (DCR)

Under the DCR programme, selected primary and high schools are equipped with a projector and one or two computers with pre-loaded digital content in English and Telugu mediums. To date, the DCR programme has been rolled out to over 3000 schools across all districts in Andhra Pradesh.

Virtual Classrooms (VCR)

VCR is an online classroom that allows students to access live lessons and interact with teacher from district studios. To date, over 1500 schools are equipped with Virtual Classrooms.

Energized text books (ETB)

ETBs are textbooks that include contextualised, curated, supplementary subject content 'embedded in a QR code', with textual, graphical, pictorial, audio, video or an interactive content. It may contain more than one format mentioned and is meant to be a comprehensive information guide both to the teacher and the taught.

Interventions in progress:

Shift to Personalised Adaptive Learning (PAL)

The Department of School Education, AP is moving towards a child-centric solution i.e. PAL. In this model, every student will have one-on-one device and the learning is personalized as well as adaptive for each student. PAL emphasizes the tailoring of teaching instruction to the learning levels of each child and leading the child towards his or her unique learning trajectory. GoAP is the first state to adopt PAL at scale and generate learnings on how to accelerate student learning outcomes across a large cohort of school-going children.

ICT Curriculum in schools and TEIs

ICT Curriculum is being rolled out by State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT), AP for all high schools in the state in phased manner.

Impact Assessment Studies

The Department intends to take up impact assessments and evaluation of different ongoing interventions to derive learnings and further scale up the programmes.