Q) What is Badi Parivartana?

A) Systemic school transformation programme aligned with Andhra Pradesh's Vision 2029 to transform the state into an education hub and knowledge society including happiness as an index Goal of BP is to build children into Happy, Fulfilled, Resilient, and Responsible students who are future ready.

Q) Who is driving the initiative?

A) Department of School Education is driving Badi Parivartana programme with Tata Trusts as the lead partner.

Q) What is Tata Trusts role?

A) Tata Trusts will bring its convening power and grant making experience to the partnership, and drive alignment between all stakeholders in order to achieve Badi Parivartana's goals.

Q) What is the duration of the programme?

A)  Badi Parivartana is Vision 2029 for School Education in Andhra Pradesh. Tata Trusts is engaged as Lead Partner for Badi Parivartana for five years.

Q) What are the phases in which BP will be implemented?

A) The five-year partnership between Tata Trusts' and CSE-GoAP will operate in three phases: a. Phase I, Launch and Leverage Phase (Year 1): Activities in this phase will target launching Badi Parivartana to bring all stakeholders onto one page, review gaps and leverage current efforts. This phase also entails designing and commissioning hitherto activities in the pipeline, and in critical and untapped areas. b. Phase II, Operation, scale up and Expansion Phase (Year 2&3): Activities in this phase will focus on accelerating operationalisation of newer pilots, their scale up and expansion on the ground, mitigating challenges, leveraging digital technology, and quality and capacity enhancements to make the necessary leap forward towards school transformation at scale. c. Phase III, Sustain, and Advance Phase (Year 4&5): Activities in this phase will involve gaining from mid -term evaluation of outcomes, institutionalising processes, review, continuation or conclusion of the various external partnerships with the Department (organizations who have achieved the expected results), scale up ideas, exploration of new partners, and ensuring continuity.

Q) Who are the stakeholders of BP?

A) Child, Parents, Teachers, Schools, School Education Department, Ecosystem players (NGOs, CSR, Private org, tuition teachers, etc)

Q) What are the levers for systemic change?

Q) How does the initiatives corner work?

There are few flagship initiatives that require your support in scaling them across all schools in the state. You may go to the initiatives page & click on the initiative that interests you & donate.
Department of School Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh is receiving all the donations through the 'Smart Andhra Pradesh Foundation' (SAPF). SAPF is a registered non-profit society of the Andhra Pradesh State Government and manages the 'Smart Village Smart Ward Programme'. SAPF is registered under section 12A and 80G of the income tax act and all the donations made are eligible for income tax exemption.

Q) Who can make financial contributions to the 'Badi Parivartana' programme?

Any person or organisation i.e. individual, company or a registered body can make a financial contribution in India to the programme. The donor needs to provide their contact details, PAN Card details (for availing income tax exemption) or Aadhaar card number as ID proof for accepting the donation. "We do not accept anonymous donations".

Q) How do I make a donation to the 'Badi Parivartana' Programme?

You can make donations by clicking on 'Donate Now' on the initiatives page and make your payment online using Debit/Credit cards, Net banking or BHIM UPI.

Q) How will I know if my Donation is received?

The donor will get a confirmation SMS and email with details of amount received and the purpose, once the transaction is successful.

Q) How do I request for an 80G exemption certificate?

All 80G receipts will be automatically generated and sent to your email once the Bank confirms the receipt of donation amount in our account. This typically takes less than 48 hours.

Q) Will I receive a Utilisation certificate for the donated amount?

Yes. A utilisation certificate will be sent to your email address once the project is complete, along with a detailed report of the project along with pictures and Geo-tags. You may contact us for any other queries/concerns regarding the donated amount.